The Humble Esthetician
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Skin Treatments

Hydro-facial exfoliation

Serum infusion treatment. Gently uses machine to infuse and  provides suction to removes dead skin and impurities.  

1 Hour  $95

Oxygen Facial

Heals, infuses antioxidants and kills bacteria. This soothing facial is ideal for anyone.

1 Hour $95

Customized Facials 

Hydrating and relaxing, Anti-aging, Pigmentation, Corrective.  Deep Pore Ultrasonic cleanse.

1 hour $85

Acne Facials 1 hour $85

Cleanse ,extractions, and treatment to reduce acne breakouts and clarify

Dermaplaning with facial 1 hour $85

Dermaplaning TX 45 min $70

Manual exfoliation via surgical blade. Removes dead skin build up, improves texture and product penetration. removal of velus hairs 

Microneedeling 1.5 hours includes numb time $150

Series of 3 $399

Microneedeling with Dermaplaning.     $180

Collagen induction Therapy  with LED Technology

increases collagen production, improves scarring, pigmentation, improved elasticity and texture. Microneedeling pen creates microchannels into the skin. Specialized serums are infused at the time of needeling treatment to create desired result. 

Chemical Peels customised $95-105

Improve, Acne , Texture, Pigmentation, anti-aging